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tubemate video download is an incredible app that serves as an alternative to YouTube, but with more of the features that the user community has been asking for for years, but Google never provides.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of wanted to listen to a song or playlist on YouTube while talking to friends or using Facebook or Twitter, but as soon as the app is minimized, the playback stops. tubemate video download lets you play any video in the background while you do what you want with other apps. You no longer have to load your smartphone memory with songs because now you can listen to them all online without stopping what you're doing. However, this isn't the best thing about tubemate video download; you can also download any video from the social network that you want. Simply select the video, choose the quality you want, and tap 'download' to have your file in a matter of minutes. This app also offers you the option to download only the audio for those music videos that you don't really care about the visuals.

tubemate video download is an essential app for anyone who's ever longed for these additional features from YouTube.

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